What sea is the largest?

There are several candidates for the world’s largest sea, depending on the definition of “sea” we adopt.

– The Arctic Sea (approximately 15.5 million km²) is sometimes referred to as the largest sea in the world, but in the opinion of many, it is actually an ocean rather than a sea.
– The Austro-Asian Mediterranean Sea covers an area of over 9 million km². It includes many smaller seas such as the South China Sea, Arafura Sea, and Banda Sea. It is more of a group of seas in the Southeast Asia region than a sea itself.
– The Philippine Sea is the first candidate mentioned for which there are no “controversies”. It covers an area of approximately 5.7 million km² and stretches from the eastern coastlines of the Philippines and Taiwan to the southern coasts of Japan.

Other candidates for the largest seas in the world include the Coral Sea (eastern and northern coasts of Australia, 4.8 million km²), the Arabian Sea (3.86 million km²), and the Sargasso Sea (3.5 million km²).

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