What letter do we use to mark a road?

What letter is used to denote distance in physics and mathematics formulas? Knowledge on this subject is useful primarily for students at all levels, from elementary school to higher education. Of course, adults should also be familiar with these basics.

What letter is used to denote distance? Distance is denoted by the letter “s” in formulas, derived from the first letter of the Latin word “spatium,” which means “space.”

Example formula for distance

Here’s an example of one of the most basic formulas for calculating distance using time (t) and velocity (v). Distance is represented by the letter “s.”

s = v * t

For example, let’s assume that the average velocity is 50 km/h and the travel time is 2 hours. Even without the formula, it’s clear that traveling at an average speed for 2 hours would cover a distance of 100 km. Below is the formula for distance with the given values.

s = 50 km/h * 2 h = 100 km

In conclusion, remember that distance is denoted by the letter “s.”

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