What is the most expensive dog breed?

Probably the most expensive dog in history belonged to the Tibetan Mastiff breed and was sold in 2014 for the staggering price of 2 million dollars. The buyer was a Chinese representative of the construction industry. Tibetan Mastiffs, especially in China, fetch exorbitant prices due to local beliefs – it is believed that these wise and loyal dogs preserve the soul of a Tibetan monk. Furthermore, there are only a few dozen purebred representatives of this breed in the world. Fortunately, if we want to own this furry dog in Poland, we do not have to be millionaires automatically – the average price in our country ranges around 7 thousand zlotys, depending on the purity of the breed.

In Poland, purchasing a Samoyed, a dog bred in Siberia, can turn out to be more expensive, as it can cost even several thousand zlotys. These vigorous and cold-resistant animals, however, require a lot of exercise and are known for their tendency to run away from their owners – they can run for many kilometers without stopping.




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