“What is an mRNA vaccine?”

mRNA vaccines are based on a modern technology used in certain COVID-19 vaccines, such as those developed by Pfizer and Moderna. Unlike older generation vaccines, mRNA vaccines do not rely on introducing a fragment or the entire virus in a neutralized form (incapable of causing disease). Instead, they deliver to the body a isolated mRNA code of the virus, which acts as an “instruction” or “note” for producing antibodies. mRNA itself is a type of ribonucleic acid (RNA) that carries genetic information.

mRNA vaccines, which have been tested since the 1990s, are completely safe. They are also based on a research method that is much faster than that of classical vaccines, which require virus cultivation and the development of a method to neutralize it. In the case of mRNA vaccines, it was sufficient to isolate the virus’s genome and develop a method to ensure its survival until it is administered to the patient via the vaccine. It is thanks to this modern technology that COVID-19 vaccines have been created in record time. The United Kingdom was the first country to begin vaccination efforts (source: [link](https://odpowiedzinapytania.pl/ktore-panstwo-na-swiecie-jako-pierwsze-szczepi-przeciw-covid-19/)).




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