“What are the characteristics of Provencal style?”

Provencal style originates from the southeastern region of France, renowned for its picturesque lavender fields. The beauty of Provence was immortalized on canvas by impressionist painters such as Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cezanne. It is due to these paintings that Provencal style gained international fame. But what are its characteristics? The basis lies in natural materials used for furniture and accessories. Wood, stone, and canvas are commonly used. Nature serves as inspiration, which is why the interiors are light and spacious. The color palette is dominated by white, complemented by delicate pastels. Whitewashed wooden furniture can be additionally embellished with subtle ornaments. Provencal style apartments are very cozy, yet not cluttered. Accessories such as pots with fresh herbs or handcrafted tablecloths work wonderfully well.




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