Recipe for classic scrambled eggs with meat

A tried and probably the best recipe for scrambled eggs fried in butter. This version does not include meat or onions. The secret to delicious scrambled eggs is primarily thorough mixing of the eggs in a bowl before frying. The second important step is constant stirring with a wooden spatula and separating the already fried parts of the scrambled eggs from the pan.

Total time: 15 min.

Recipe for scrambled eggs with eggs only (well mixed):
1. Melt a tablespoon of butter on a frying pan. The best scrambled eggs are fried in butter. One tablespoon of butter or a slice of butter about 1 cm thick is enough for frying.
2. Crack the eggs into a bowl and mix thoroughly. While waiting for the butter to melt on the pan, crack the eggs into a bowl. I usually use 2 eggs per person. Mix the yolk with the egg white in the bowl until you achieve a uniform yellow color. This will give the scrambled eggs a consistent texture, color, and prevent areas of pure egg white or yolk.
3. Pour the eggs onto the pan. Pour the mixed egg mixture onto the hot pan with melted butter. Fry, stirring constantly with a wooden spatula, until the eggs reach the desired level of doneness. If you prefer more moist scrambled eggs, fry them for a shorter time; if you prefer them drier, fry them for longer.
4. Transfer the scrambled eggs to a plate, you can add chopped chives for flavor, sprinkle with salt or pepper, and enjoy your meal. Bon appétit!

Delicious scrambled eggs taste best with fresh bread spread with butter and sprinkled with chives. You can eat the scrambled eggs according to the above recipe for breakfast as a sandwich, with a fork, or for lunch with, for example, potato pancakes.

Recipe for scrambled eggs with ham or bacon
Apart from the classic scrambled eggs, a version enriched with pieces of ham or bacon is also very popular. To make scrambled eggs with meat, follow a very similar procedure as in the above recipe. Before cracking the eggs onto the pan, fry the chopped ham or bacon until it browns. Once the meat is nicely fried, pour in the mixed eggs and fry as described above.




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