“Is May 3rd, 2021 a Public Holiday or a Day Off from Work and School?”

Is May 3rd, 2021 a day off work and school?

According to the law, Constitution Day on May 3rd is a public holiday. This means that schools, shops, malls, etc. will be closed, even if the restrictions related to them were lifted by that time.

Is May 3rd, 2021 a day off work?
Yes, it is a statutory day off work. In 2021, this day falls on a working day, which is Monday, but it is still considered a day off.

Is May 3rd, 2021 a day off school?
Yes, May 3rd, 2021 falls on a Monday and is a statutory day off. All students are exempt from participating in educational activities (including remote learning) on this day.




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