How Was Super Mario Bros Created?

The iconic character Mario first appeared in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong. In the game, players controlled a carpenter named Jumpman who tried to rescue a kidnapped woman from the clutches of the title character, Donkey Kong. In 1983, Mario Bros was released, followed by Super Mario Bros in 1985, where Jumpman is now named Mario, has a brother named Luigi, and both work as plumbers maintaining pipes in New York.

The change of the main character’s name is linked to a funny anecdote. During the development of the game, Mario Segale, a businessman of Italian descent who rented a warehouse to the American headquarters of Nintendo near Seattle, stormed into the office. He publicly criticized the head of the branch, Minoru Arakawa, for being behind on rent payments. In response to this incident, the team decided to change the name of the main character in the game they were working on from Jumpman to Mario, as an ironic tribute to the feisty businessman.




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