How to replace a car battery?

  1. Open the hood. Make sure the handbrake is engaged, the keys are removed from the ignition, and all power receivers (radio, lights) are turned off.
  2. Disconnect the negative terminal marked with a “-” sign. Loosen the clamp with a wrench (usually size 10mm) and slide off the cable.
  3. Disconnect the positive terminal marked with a “+” sign. Follow the same procedure as in the previous step. Be careful not to let the cables touch.
  4. Remove any additional battery fasteners (a wrench may be required).
  5. Remove the battery and carefully place it on the ground.
  6. Inspect the battery tray to see if it is dirty, corroded, etc. This is a good time to clean it if needed.
  7. Insert the new battery and secure it firmly.
  8. Connect the positive cable.
  9. Connect the negative cable.
  10. Done!

The above instructions may not apply to all cars. Unfortunately, in many newer vehicles, battery replacement can only be done at a service center and cannot be done by oneself.




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