‘How tall is the tallest tree in the world?’

The tallest trees in the world are the coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens). They grow along the western coast of the United States, mostly in the northern part of California (but partially in southern Oregon as well). The official tallest tree in the world is the Hyperion redwood, which measures an impressive 115.85 meters in height. Hyperion is located in Redwood National Park, along with the second and third tallest trees in the world – Helios and Icarus, although the exact location of these trees is not known to prevent damage by tourists and vandals. According to scientists who discovered and studied Hyperion in 2006, it is approximately 700-800 years old, which is not particularly old for coast redwoods as these trees can live for up to 2 millennia. They are also unrivaled among tree species in terms of height – no other species reaches heights exceeding 100 meters. If Hyperion were to be compared to a building, it would be revealed that the 11-story Big Ben in London is a whole 20 meters shorter than it.




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