‘How quickly does a mushroom grow after rain?’

When it comes to answering how long mushrooms grow, it is difficult to give a definitive answer. According to observers, soft mushrooms such as Butterflies grow the fastest. Hard mushrooms like King Boletes or Chanterelles grow much slower.

For example, in good weather conditions, a Butterfly mushroom needs about 8-10 hours to grow to the size of a 2-zloty coin. Therefore, after an afternoon rain on a warm autumn day, we can assume that fresh mushrooms can be picked the next morning.

The speed of mushroom growth is greatly influenced by temperature and humidity. Mushroom pickers estimate that cold temperatures can significantly slow down mushroom growth.

As mentioned earlier, different types of mushrooms also have different growth rates. Hard mushrooms like Chanterelles need more time to mature. Experienced mushroom pickers estimate that Chanterelles need about two days to grow to a size of approximately 5-8 cm. Tiny ones may appear after just one day.





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