‘How much does snow weigh?’

How much does snow weigh? The weight of a cubic meter of snow varies depending on how dense and compacted the cube of white powder is. It also partly depends on its moisture content.

Weight of Snow

How much does a cubic meter of snow weigh? The lightest is powdery snow, known as “first snow” (which is not burdened by multiple days of snowfall), weighing from 30 to a maximum of 200 kg/m³.

Weight of Wet Snow

200 kilograms is the weight of light, not yet saturated snow. However, wet snow, especially in late spring during the thaw, can weigh even 800-900 kg/m³. Therefore, a cubic meter of snow weighs from 200 to as much as 900 kilograms. Imagine the load if we have heaps of wet snow on a flat roof.

In construction projects, the average weight of snow is considered to be 2.45 kN/m³, or about 249.7 kg/m³. Designers and engineers must take the snow load into account during their work.




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