‘How long is the Nile?’

The Nile is the longest river in Africa and, according to the most commonly cited data, it is 6,650 kilometers long. Its mouth, in the form of a wide delta, is located in Egypt (which is called the “pearl” of Egypt). However, some people consider Lake Victoria as its source, which is replenished by large rivers such as the Kagera – sometimes they are considered part of the Nile basin. Because of this, the length of the Nile is measured differently, depending on which point is considered as its source. The reported data ranges from 5,499 to 7,088 km. Depending on which number we accept, the Nile will be considered the longest river in the world or the second longest – it competes for this title with the Amazon in South America, whose sources are also quite difficult to determine unequivocally.




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