“What is a subject?”

Subject is the part of the sentence that denotes the performer of the action expressed by the verb. It can be a person, an animal, an object, a weather phenomenon, or even an idea. Examples:

– The dog is playing outside. The word “dog” is the subject here, the dog is the performer of the action (playing).

– Mom is doing the laundry. The performer of the action here is Mom, and the verb is “is doing”.

– I went to the cinema. In this case, the subject is hidden in the verb (known as the implicit subject). If we expand the sentence, it would sound like: “I went to the cinema.” Here, “I” is the subject, and “went” is the verb.

– There is also a compound subject, for example: “Peter, Christopher, and Anna work together in one company.” The subject in this case is Peter, Christopher, and Anna.




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