What flowers bloom early in spring?

Among the plants that bloom in early spring, bulb flowers are particularly prominent. They include:

  • Snowdrop – one of the most well-known “harbingers of spring” that can emerge from under the snow as early as February. Its flowers have three snowy white petals.
  • Crocus, also known as saffron – a beautiful, multicolored flower, most commonly yellow, white or purple. It usually blooms in March.
  • Primrose – a species primarily known from the mountains, it has delicate yellow flowers with an orange throat. It mainly blooms in March.
  • Kaufmann’s tulip – one of hundreds of species and varieties of tulips, it stands out because it blooms the earliest – usually in March. They are small, but have very large, beautiful flowers usually in salmon or white-red color.
  • Hyacinth – very often appearing in Polish gardens, its inflorescence develops in April, sometimes only in May. The flowers are usually purple, but there are also pink or orange varieties. The most characteristic feature of hyacinths is their intoxicating fragrance.




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