What does a frozen Magnolia flower look like?

Magnolias are beautiful flowers that grow on trees and shrubs that can reach considerable sizes. They bloom in spring, around April and May. However, these are periods during which nocturnal frosts can occur. Unfortunately, magnolia flowers are delicate and even one night below freezing can cause them to freeze.

What does a frozen magnolia flower look like?

Unfortunately, the situation described above also happened to us this year. Our several-meter-high magnolias, covered with flowers, froze. Over the past few years, this situation has been recurring cyclically due to climate change. Frosts in April occur noticeably more often than even a few years ago. Below, we present photos of our frozen magnolia flowers.

Frozen magnolia flowers develop characteristic brown (looking dried) petals. The above-mentioned changes appeared overnight after one night with frost. It was a quite significant drop in temperature below freezing, as we also had to scrape the windows of our cars in the morning.




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