“What continent has the highest population?”

The continent with the largest population is, of course, Asia. The most populous countries in the world, China (1.44 billion) and India (1.38 billion), are located there. These two countries alone account for over one-third of the world’s population. A significant number of people also live in countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

The total population of Asia is 4.641 billion, which represents 60% of the world’s population. Africa, the second most populous continent, lags far behind with only 1.34 billion people.

The ranking of the world’s most populous continents is as follows:

1. Asia (4.641 billion)
2. Africa (1.34 billion)
3. Europe (747 million)
4. North America including Central America (579 million)
5. South America (424 million)
6. Australia including Oceania (42 million).




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