How do we write: sun or Sun? Earth or earth? With a capital letter or a small one?

Words: Sun (słońce), just like Moon (księżyc) or Earth (ziemia), function in different contexts and have different definitions, which determines how they are written.

If we are referring to specific celestial bodies, such as our planet Earth or the Sun, which is the center of our Solar System, then these words are capitalized. For example, “The first flight from Earth to the Moon took place in 1969.”

However, if we are referring generally to common, familiar phenomena related to these words, they are written in lowercase. Examples include “sunrises and sunsets, new moon, the richest man on earth.” This rule is based on perspective: when we admire a beautiful sunset, we usually don’t think of it as a large celestial body floating in space.

However, this distinction is not always clear. Therefore, there is sometimes interchangeability, for example, “the richest man on Earth.” It is important to adhere to the rule that in the astronomical sense, these three words are always capitalized, while in the common sense, they are usually written in lowercase.





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