Who is the author of the Holy Scriptures?

According to the interpretation of the Church, the Holy Spirit is the direct author of the Holy Scripture, working indirectly through the people inspired by Him.

There are many authors of various biblical books, who lived in different times. See: when was the Bible written?

Many of them are not even known by name. This especially applies to the books of the Old Testament, which were written as early as the 14th century BC (according to the most daring assumptions).

It is easier for us to identify the authors of the books of the New Testament. They were primarily the evangelists: Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. They all lived in the 1st century AD but had different professions: Matthew was a tax collector, Mark was a secretary, Luke was a physician, and John was a fisherman. However, very little is actually known about them, and it is often assumed that they are not even the authors of the Gospels (which were not signed, and their authorship is only attributed to them by Church tradition).




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