Which fish has green bones?

Did you know which fish has green bones? Does such a fish even exist and where does the green color come from? Welcome to today’s dose of interesting facts.

The Fish with Green Bones

Interestingly, the fish with green bones lives in the Baltic Sea. Its name is Belone. It can also be found in the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean. Belone has a long and flattened snout. In fact, its entire body is elongated and resembles a “short” eel with an elongated head.

When it comes to nutritional value, Belone, like most fish, is a source of healthy meat rich in complete protein. It also contains beneficial omega-3 fats that promote good health. Additionally, this fish is rich in many vitamins, including A and D.

A Sea Fish with Green Bones in Crosswords

Furthermore, this fish often appears in crossword puzzles. Its name, “Belone”, is the answer to the popular clue “has green bones” in a 6-letter crossword.



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