“When does a deer shed its antlers?”

When does a deer shed its antlers? This period is eagerly awaited by all deer hunters and collectors. It takes quite a bit of luck to find this treasure in the forest. However, in some months of the year, it is definitely easier because during that time the deer shed their antlers.

When do deer shed their antlers?

Deer shed their antlers in winter, and we have the greatest chance of finding them in the forest from approximately February to June each year. The peak time is in February and March. During the summer, the antlers regrow. The antlers of deer grow from the beginning, and after a few months, they are shed. This process repeats every year.

Older individuals shed their antlers earlier, in January and February. Younger ones shed them later, in May and June. Do you know what the shed antlers are called? They are called “drops”.

The difference between antlers and horns

How do antlers differ from horns? It is often said that deer shed their antlers. This is not a correct statement. Antlers grow once and remain for their whole lives. They are present, for example, in cows. Antlers, on the other hand, are found in reindeer and deer, among others. The difference lies in their structure. Antlers are composed of bone tissue and are shed every year. This is because they become hard tissue over time. Another difference between antlers and horns is that antlers are branched while horns are single.

Why collect deer antlers?

Shed antlers have collector’s value. Collecting them is a similar hobby to collecting other items. Each antler is different, as it is an organic creation. Therefore, each antler will have a different shape, a different number of branches, and so on. In addition to collecting the specimens themselves, various items are made from the antlers for sale. For example, lamps made from deer antler sheds are available on the market.

Collecting antlers (without skulls) is legal in State Forests. Antlers with skulls should be left and reported to the State Hunting Guard or the Forest District. If found in a national park or nature reserve, they should be left in place.

In conclusion, if you are wondering exactly when a deer sheds its antlers to maximize your chances of finding them, choose the winter and spring months from February to June.




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