“What is natural population growth?”

Birth rate is represented by the number of live births minus the number of deaths. If the rate is positive, it means that more live births occurred than deaths. If negative, it means that more deaths occurred than live births.

It has long been observed that the birth rate is dependent on various indicators of a country’s development. In highly developed countries (with well-developed healthcare, social benefits systems, etc.), the birth rate is low. Although people in these countries live longer, they tend to have children later in life and have fewer of them – on average 1-2. On the other hand, in countries with low development indicators, people die more often and have a lower life expectancy, but they have high fertility rates, which is associated with early formation of stable relationships and limited access to contraception. An exception to this rule is some wealthy Arab countries, such as the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, where the natural growth rate is very high.




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