“What do squirrels eat?”

Squirrels are beloved animals, and their characteristic attribute seems to be nuts. However, is this their only source of food? Besides nuts, they also eat pine tree seeds, acorns, young tree buds, fruits such as berries, mushrooms, and even insects and eggs. Squirrels are very resourceful, so they spend a couple of months gathering winter supplies, hiding them in tree hollows or specially dug burrows in the ground. Can squirrels be fed? Yes, but only during frost. If you see that the ground is covered in ice, there is a good chance that squirrels won’t be able to break through the frozen surface. However, it’s important to remember that feeding should only be done during freezing temperatures and regularly. In pet stores, you can find ready-made food mixes for squirrels, and additionally, the animals will surely be delighted with walnuts and hazelnuts, dried corn kernels, sunflower seeds, or chopped apples and zucchini.




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