Translate the title of the post into English: ‘What is the largest fish in the world?’

The largest fish is undoubtedly the whale shark. It surpasses all other fish in terms of size, as it can measure up to 18 meters in length. Often, fish of this species also weigh over 10 tons, and there have been recorded cases of whale sharks weighing over 20 tons. Interestingly, this giant fish is completely harmless to humans, as it is a herbivorous and very gentle creature. Its cousin, the basking shark, which is also herbivorous, takes second place among the largest fish (the largest recorded specimen measured 12.27 meters). The third place brings terror – it is the great white shark, reaching up to 7 meters in length and weighing over 3 tons. This carnivorous species is responsible for several attacks on humans each year.




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