‘The Tallest Lighthouse in Poland’

Which lighthouse is the tallest in Poland? The tallest lighthouse in Poland, and also in the entire Baltic Sea region, is the lighthouse in Świnoujście. It has a tower height of 68 meters. Built in the mid-19th century, it was constructed with brick in just 3 years, making it the tallest brick lighthouse in the world.

At the top of the lighthouse, at a height of approximately 65 meters above sea level, there is an observation deck that can be accessed by purchasing an entrance ticket. The ascent to the top of the lighthouse is facilitated by comfortable concrete stairs. Only the last section, consisting of a few steps, is somewhat uncomfortable and similar to a metal ladder. However, before reaching this section, visitors can take a rest on a bench specially placed in that spot.

To reach the top of the lighthouse in Świnoujście, one must climb a total of 308 steps. Interestingly, along the way, there are numbers indicating how many steps have already been climbed. An additional observation deck is located around step number 120.

From the top of the lighthouse in Świnoujście, one can enjoy a breathtaking view. It is possible to admire the coast of the Baltic Sea, the Commercial Port in Świnoujście, the mouth of the Świna River into the sea, the LNG terminal, and the left-bank part of the city of Świnoujście.

Below, I also invite you to watch a short video that shows the access road to the lighthouse, the ascent to its top, and the views from above. While watching, you can also listen to many interesting facts about the lighthouse itself. The video is located on a very interesting YouTube channel that showcases other fascinating places along the Polish coast and in Poland. We highly recommend it and encourage you to subscribe.

[Link to the video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK0KV9_r0EI)





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