‘The highest and largest ski jump in the world’

During the exciting moments that accompany us while supporting our ski jumpers, there are obvious and curious questions that arise. One of them is wondering which ski jumping hill is the highest in the world?

The highest ski jumping hill in the world is the “Vikersundbakken” located in Vikersund, Norway. It is a ski flying hill with the following parameters:

Construction point “K” – 200 m.

Hill size “HS” – 240 m.

Takeoff height: 2.42 m

Run length: 124 m

The longest jump as of the writing of this article (November 26, 2021) is 254 meters, achieved by skier Dmitrij Wasiljew in 2017.

In terms of “K” and “HS” points, the Letalnica ski flying hill in Planica (Slovenia) has identical parameters. The longest jump on the Planica hill is 253.5 m, achieved by Gregor Schlierenzauer in 2018.




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