How Many Milliliters Does a Shot Glass of Vodka Have?

How many milliliters does a shot glass hold? It depends, as there are several popular sizes available on the market for these essential vessels at most parties.

Small and large shot glasses

In bars, pubs, and shops, two types of shot glasses dominate, one large and one small. The most popular is the small shot glass, which has a capacity of 25 ml. This type is found in the majority of pubs with so-called shots. Additionally, it is convenient to drink from because such a quantity of alcohol is easily swallowed. And what capacity does the large shot glass have? The most commonly encountered one is twice the size of the small one, meaning it has a capacity of 50 milliliters.

Larger shot glasses with capacities of even 60 ml and those ranging between 25-50 ml are also available on the market. However, regardless of what you drink from, what is much more important is what and with whom. Let’s wish you a successful party!





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