Crossword Puzzle Steel Alloy + Explanation

What is Invar, or alloy steel?

“Alloy steel with 5 letters” is a common phrase in crossword puzzles, and the most frequent answer is Invar.

Aside from being a quick hint for all crossword lovers, we would like you to learn a little more about it. So, what exactly is Invar?

It is an alloy of iron and nickel in proportions of approximately 60:40, with the addition of carbon and chromium. The iron content ranges from 54% to 64%, while nickel ranges from 36% to 46%. Invar is characterized by a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, which is about 15 times smaller than that of steel. It is used, among other things, in the production of precision pendulum rods for clocks. Invar was invented in 1897 by Charles Édouard Guillaume, a Swiss physicist and Nobel laureate in physics.

In conclusion, if the next crossword puzzle surprises you with a question about “alloy steel,” now you know what to write :).




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