“Are pierogi a Polish dish?”

It is commonly believed that pierogi are the most Polish dish. Sometimes it is also considered that countries east of Poland – Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia – belong to the same culinary circle and therefore their respective pierogi are also treated as national dishes. However, similar dishes are known practically all over the world, in different cultures often far removed from the Polish one. For example, Chinese cuisine has several different types of dumplings: wonton, jiaozi, or guotie (China is actually considered the birthplace of this dish). In Spain and Spanish-speaking countries, the name for pierogi is empanada. In Italy, popular variations are ravioli or tortellini.

Of course, all these different types of pierogi vary in terms of the filling, the thickness of the dough, the method of preparation, and the size. In Poland, pierogi are typically of medium size – they are larger than Italian or Chinese dumplings, but smaller than, for example, the Tatar kibiny, which are an important element of Lithuanian cuisine. Our traditional pierogi are also characterized by thin dough and immense creativity when it comes to fillings – from cabbage and mushrooms, to cheese and potatoes, to fruits and other sweet treats.

[![pierogi photo](https://odpowiedzinapytania.pl/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/gc1eff59ef562367ecd451177c31ff0124e2959ab5b1aac7758103f8e331235fdda231777f0a0e21c8eb96ad1d8e18301_1280_pierogi.jpg)](https://odpowiedzinapytania.pl/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/gc1eff59ef562367ecd451177c31ff0124e2959ab5b1aac7758103f8e331235fdda231777f0a0e21c8eb96ad1d8e18301_1280_pierogi.jpg)

Source: [Photo by Daria-Yakovleva](https://odpowiedzinapytania.pl/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/gc1eff59ef562367ecd451177c31ff0124e2959ab5b1aac7758103f8e331235fdda231777f0a0e21c8eb96ad1d8e18301_1280_pierogi.jpg)




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