‘Why Do We Decorate Christmas Trees?’

In some homes, Christmas trees are decorated on St. Nicholas Day, while in others, it is done on Christmas morning. It also happens that for some families, it doesn’t really matter which day in December the ornaments hang on the tree. Decorating a Christmas tree is considered one of the most popular Polish traditions.

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of decorating Christmas trees actually comes from?

Trees, especially evergreen trees, have been a symbol of fertility and prosperity for centuries. Placing them in homes was believed to guarantee a prosperous year for the residents. Additionally, the color of the tree also holds significance, as green is associated with hope.

The hanging ornaments were also not random. For example, angels symbolized protection, nuts represented strength, and apples signified health. The tradition of decorating Christmas trees in Europe originated in Germany. It was then adopted by the residents of England and France.

In Poland, the tradition arrived at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries and initially gained popularity in the lands of the Prussian partition.



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