Who invented dynamite?

Do you know who invented dynamite? The answer to this question may surprise you.

Today Alfred Nobel is mainly known as the founder of the prize in his name, but we must remember that he was also an exceptional scientist and engineer. It is thanks to the imagination of the Swedish inventor that dynamite was created. During his internship in Paris, Nobel came across nitroglycerin, which instantly fascinated him. It was a liquid that exploded due to movement and elevated temperature, among other things. For these reasons, it posed many problems for transportation. When he returned to Sweden, he devoted his time to the production and study of nitroglycerin. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an extremely tedious and dangerous process, which resulted in several fatal explosions. In one of them, Nobel’s youngest brother paid the highest price. After many more attempts, it was determined that silica was the perfect additive to nitroglycerin. The combination of both ingredients creates a paste that can be formed into cylindrical rods, which were later known as dynamite sticks.

When was dynamite patented?

In 1867, the inventor patented the new technology and invention called dynamite. Soon, a detonator and fuse were also added to the Swedish discoveries. The first dynamite sticks consisted of 75% nitroglycerin and 25% silica. Currently, dynamite sticks consist of only 10% nitroglycerin. The rest of the ingredients are porous materials, combustible materials, and explosive substances.






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