‘Where did the name hot dog come from?’

Hot-dog, a popular snack originating from America, consists of a bun filled with a sausage or hotdog. Today, in Poland, it is breaking popularity records mainly due to its sale at fuel stations. But where did the name “hot-dog” come from? Let’s find out the story of the “hot dog”.

Where did the name Hot-Dog come from?

This story begins in the medieval era, in the German city of Frankfurt on the Main, where the famous frankfurters come from. That’s right – hot-dog actually doesn’t originally come from America, but most likely from our Western neighbors! Another city claiming to have invented this famous snack is Coburg, also located in Germany, where a butcher named Johann Georghehner hailed from. In the 17th century, he invented a sausage popularly called “dachsund,” which means “dachshund”. However, Georghehner later moved to Frankfurt. Either way, Germans attribute the creation of the hot-dog to themselves, competing with Austrians among others.

Hot-dog travels to America

In the 19th century, a great migration of people to America took place. The United States became the meeting place of many cultures, and the “Dachsund” started to be sold as a popular street snack. It is not known exactly who came up with the idea of putting the sausage in a bun. It is often attributed to a businessman named Harry M. Stevens. According to his own words, on a cold April day in 1901, when his ice cream sales were not going well, he decided to sell the German “dachsund”. To make it easier to serve the hot sausages, he instructed his employees to put them in buns. They served them with a cry of “Get your dachshund while they’re red hot!” This situation was later depicted in a newspaper by a caricaturist who was not sure how to spell the word “dachsund.” He used the word “dog” instead, and thus the “hot dog” was created. However, this story has not been confirmed, as the comic strip has not been found.

There are a few other versions of the origin of the name “hot-dog.” What actually happened is unknown, but it certainly all started with the German sausage “dachsund”, which means “dachshund”. Fun fact: another name for this dog is sausage dog. So, the hot-dog owes its name primarily to the shape of this friendly animal.





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