What should be the height of the kitchen countertop?

The question of what is the appropriate height for a kitchen countertop always arises when designing and setting up a kitchen in a new home or apartment. In today’s short article, we will try to give you some advice on what height kitchen cabinets will be comfortable and suitable for your height.

Kitchen Cabinet Heights

It is worth noting that the countertop cannot be lower than the height of the kitchen cabinets plus the thickness of the countertop, unless you are making fully customized furniture and have the freedom to place it at any height. Nevertheless, there is a standard height for kitchen cabinets below which using the kitchen countertop can be uncomfortable as it would require bending or stooping while cooking. This can lead to back pain and lack of convenience.

What is the height of the countertops in IKEA cabinets?

Different manufacturers of kitchen cabinets produce cabinets of different heights. For example, one of the most popular cabinets, METOD from IKEA, has a height of 80 cm. If we add the thickness of the countertop, which is usually 3.5 cm, the minimum height at which we can have a kitchen countertop is 83.5 cm. However, if we decide to use IKEA cabinets with a plinth at the bottom, we will need to place them on special legs that raise them by a minimum of 8 cm. Therefore, in the case of such cabinets, the minimum height at which the worktop will be situated is 91.5 cm.

What is the height of the lower kitchen cabinets?

IKEA cabinets are generally quite tall compared to the rest of the market. The height of standard kitchen cabinets from other manufacturers than IKEA is usually around 70-75 cm. The standard height of the cabinet is 72 cm. If we add the thickness of the countertop, which is 3.5 centimeters, and the dimensions of the plinth – 8-10 cm, the top of the countertop is at a height of approximately 85 cm.

Kitchen Countertop Height According to Height

So far, we have given the minimum heights of the worktop in the kitchen. Of course, it can and should be adjusted to individual needs. The optimal height of the countertop in the kitchen depends largely on the height of the people who will be using it. To be comfortable, the work surface should be about 10-15 cm below the elbow when bent. This height should provide comfortable performance of most light and medium kitchen tasks, such as meal preparation and cutting. However, if we frequently perform heavy tasks such as kneading dough on the kitchen countertop, it is recommended to set the countertop slightly lower, about 15-25 cm below the elbow when bent. This will allow us to easily perform such tasks using our whole body with our arms in a more upright position. Kitchen cabinet manufacturers also provide average ranges of countertop heights depending on your height.

– For people with a height between 138-150 cm, recommended countertop heights are 76-82 cm.
– People with a height of 150-174 cm should have a countertop at a height of 83-90 cm.
– For people with a height of 175-186 cm, it is recommended to place the worktop at a height of 91-105 cm.
– For tall individuals exceeding 187 cm, kitchen countertops at a height of 106-112 cm are recommended.

In general, it is important to remember the universal rule that the world is designed for average-sized people. So, if we are looking for kitchen cabinets for very tall or very short individuals, we should definitely check what adjustable options are available. Cabinet legs also have their limitations, so it is important to check the maximum height to which they can raise the cabinets.

In addition to comfort, there are sometimes aesthetic and adaptation issues, such as the height difference between the worktop and the window sill. In new homes, the window height is often designed in such a way that, instead of a windowsill in the kitchen, an extension of the kitchen countertop can be used. In such a situation, we sometimes have to compromise and raise the countertop to 90-94 cm to avoid creating an additional height difference between the countertop and the windowsill. Another issue is wall-mounted cabinets. Here, the kitchen countertop should also be set at a height that ensures the distance between the upper and lower cabinets is not too small and uncomfortable. The standard distance between the upper wall cabinets and the countertop is 60-70 cm. This allows for easy access and comfortable placement of additional kitchen appliances such as a microwave or espresso machine.

Overall, it is important to consider not only comfort but also individual preferences and specific circumstances when determining the height of a kitchen countertop.


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