“The Most Common Eye Color of Poles”

Have you ever wondered which eye color is the most popular in the world? Well, according to statistics, brown eyes are present in as much as 90% of people worldwide. It is definitely the most common iris color, making it dominant on a global scale.

Brown Eyes: Dominant Color in Different Parts of the World

Residents of Africa, Asia, South and North America often have brown eyes. In Europe, Oceania, and North America, they are also common, although they are not equally dominant in some European populations. The color brown is considered the most dominant in the world, as confirmed by statistical data. It is also worth mentioning that color mixtures often occur, such as brown with green, where the color is determined based on the dominant shade. Brown eyes are also the most commonly encountered eye color in Poland.

Blue Eyes: The Second Most Popular Color in the World

The second most popular iris color in the world is blue, which occurs in 7% of the population. This is particularly common in countries with a predominance of people with light hair and eyes, such as Poland. In 1955, a study was conducted, which indicated that light hair and eye colors occur in 55.9% and 72.4% of the Polish population, respectively. Using the Martin scale, it is estimated that light eyes occur in 45-50% of individuals, while dark eyes occur in about 20%.

Green Eyes: A Rare Eye Color with Unusual Popularity in Iceland

Green eyes are quite rare, present in only 1% of the population worldwide. However, it is interesting to note that in Iceland, as much as 89% of women have green irises. It is therefore an exceptionally popular eye color in this part of Europe.

Grey Eye Color: The Least Popular in the World

Grey eye color is even rarer than green, occurring in only 2% of the population. This unique iris shade, however, is highly desirable due to its originality and distinctive appearance.



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