“Nobel Prize – in which categories is it awarded?”

The Nobel Prize is an expression of the last will of Alfred Nobel, a Swedish scientist and inventor. The first award ceremony took place in 1901 at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Currently, the prizes are presented at the Stockholm Concert Hall. The list of laureates is announced annually on December 10th. Each laureate receives an honorary diploma, a medal, and a monetary award to support their ongoing research.

List of fields in which Nobel Prizes are awarded:

  • Physics – for “the most important discovery or invention in the field of physics”; awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences,
  • Chemistry – for “the most important discovery or advance in the field of chemistry”; awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences,
  • Physiology or Medicine – for “the most important discovery in the field of physiology or medicine”; awarded by the Karolinska Institute,
  • Literature – for “outstanding work in uplifting ideals”; awarded by the Swedish Academy,
  • Nobel Peace Prize – for “the best work in promoting brotherhood between nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies, and for participation in and promotion of peace associations”,
  • Economics – the prize in this field has been awarded since 1968 by the Swedish National Bank.



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