How to hang pictures above the couch?

Hanging pictures above a couch in your home?

Hanging pictures above a couch can be a challenge if you want to achieve a harmonious look and visual balance in the room. However, by following a few simple principles, you can easily create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space!

Determine the appropriate height

Let’s start with the height at which the pictures should be hung. It is best to hang them at a height of about 15 cm above the couch. However, much depends on the height of the room and the furniture itself. If the ceiling and couch are low, the pictures should be hung higher to visually enlarge the space. On the other hand, in taller rooms, the pictures can be hung slightly lower.

Decide how many pictures you want to hang

Perhaps you only want to hang one picture above your couch, but what if you dream of a wall filled with visualizations that are important to you? The number of pictures to hang above the couch depends on its size and the size of the room. One of the most common mistakes is hanging too small pictures that get lost in relation to the couch, or too many pictures that overwhelm the room. It is best to choose one or two larger pictures or a group of smaller ones that create a cohesive whole.

Pay attention to proportions

The choice of picture size is also important. In the case of a small couch, it is worth selecting larger pictures that will become the central point of the room and fill the empty space above the couch. In the case of larger furniture, it is a good idea to choose several smaller pictures that, when placed next to each other, create a cohesive composition.

Select colors

When choosing a picture, it is worth considering how it fits in terms of color with the overall room decor and the couch on which it will be hung. If the couch is in light colors, it is worth choosing a picture in contrasting colors. However, dark-colored furniture does not usually go well with pictures full of bright, cheerful colors.





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