“How many calories do cherries have?”

How Many Calories Do Cherries Have?

We often wonder about the calorie content of cherries, especially during the current season of these delicious, sweet fruits. So, are cherries sweet, and does that mean they are very calorific?

Cherries – how many calories do they have?

It turns out that despite their sweetness, cherries are not very calorific. 100g of cherries contains about 60 calories. This is not a small amount, but a handful of cherries will not make us gain weight, and if we don’t have any health issues, they shouldn’t harm us.

Cherry calorie chart

  • 100g of cherries = 60 calories
  • Handful of cherries = 80g = 48 calories
  • 1 cherry = 5g = 3 calories
  • 1kg of cherries = 1000g = 600 calories




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